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Baltimore's Paintball & Airsoft Destination

Get Outside. Get Active. Have Fun!

Paintball Birthday Party at NR Adventure Park

Maryland's Best Birthday Party!

Experience Maryland's ultimate birthday thrill of Paintball or Airsoft! Unforgettable adventures await—create memories filled with adrenaline and excitement!


TIMOTHY, Google Review

So happy with the new ownership. The proshop looks great, and the fields are fantastic. Had a blast with my son down there today and cant wait to go back. Worth the 90 minute drive! Prices for entry are the best in the area too.

ERIN, Google Review

We had my son’s birthday party there and had a fantastic time! The new owner was so kind, and willing to help with anything. Our ref was Nate, and he was amazing! He was so good at pumping up the kids (ages 8-12) and making them feel involved in the action. We also had some assistance from Will, who was just as kind to the kids. My son was planning his next paintball adventure while on the way home!

CRISTY, Google Review

We've been here several times since the new owners took over. Lots of improvements!! Fantastic fields and everytime we come, it just keeps getting better. Excellent staff!! The perfect place for a birthday party, or event!!! Thanks for always providing a great time!!

New Arrivals

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the age requirement to play paintball and airsoft?


You must be 10 years old to play paintball or airsoft with a parent and/or guardian required to sign off on the waiver for play.  You must be 8 years old to participate in Low-impact paintball with a parent and/or guardian required to sign off on the waiver for play.  No exceptions.


What is paintball?


Paintball is a team-based activity which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled gelatin capsules called paintballs, which break upon impact. A player is considered eliminated once the player is “marked” by a paintball. Games typically last 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the field and number of players on each team.


What is airsoft?


Airsoft is very similar to paintball, the main difference being that you shoot plastic BBs or pellets from replica firearms.  These do not leave any “marks” to confirm an elimination, however, you use the honor system to call yourself out. You also may be called out if a referee witnesses you being “hit” by a pellet.  Hits to the replica firearm does not count as an elimination.

Do I need to make a reservation to play?

You do not need to make a reservation to play general walk-on games during regular hours (9am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday). Just show up, pick your walk-on package for either paintball or airsoft, and have FUN!

We do require at least 24 hours notice if you would like to book a private group, you will not play against any of the other groups making this ideal for birthday parties, youth groups, and corporate team building. Click here for Private Group options.


Will paintballs stain my clothes?


Paintballs are spherical, gelatin capsules filled with colored liquid inside.  The liquid inside a paintball is non-toxic, water-soluble and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and skin with mild soap and water.


What should I wear to play paintball?


We recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty that are comfortable to run and maneuver in when coming out to play paintball.  Long-sleeve shirts and pants are recommended. If you are concerned with the sting you feel from the paintball, you can always wear an additional layer of clothes. We recommend you wear boots or closed-toe shoes with non-slip soles while out on the paintball fields. We also sell jumpsuits to help keep you clean in the pro shop. 


Can I bring my own paintballs?


We do not allow our guests to bring paintballs that are not purchased from our facility. We only sell the highest quality, environmentally friendly paintballs. This allows us to control the quality of paintballs that are being shot through our equipment and at the paintball park. G.I. Sportz paintballs have a bright fill to confirm eliminations and break on impact.


Do I need to wear cleats?


NR Adventure Park is an all-terrain environment. You do not need to wear cleats, however if you have some, they can help provide additional traction on the fields. We recommend you wear boots or closed-toe shoes with non-slip soles while out on the paintball fields.


How does Low-Impact Paintball differ from regular Paintball?


Low-impact paintball is very similar to paintball, however, it features ammunition that is less than half the size of a traditional paintball.  (.50 caliber paintballs versus the standard .68 caliber paintballs).  The Low-impact paintball equipment is also lighter, and the paintballs deliver less of a sting upon impact.  These are the main reasons why low-impact paintball is perfect for beginners, families, youth groups and anyone else looking to have a fun time playing paintball!

How many fields are we allowed to play on for our private group?

We allow you to play on any of our paintball and airsoft fields you would like with your private group. If there is a particular field you want to play on, just let your referee know! The only field that airsoft cannot play on is the NXL Field with inflatable bunkers.

Are we allowed to bring outside food and drinks?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks. We do offer snacks and drinks for sale inside the Pro Shop. If you want to order food/pizza for delivery we can provide you with the information for some local options that will deliver to the field.

Do we play with just our group?

If you book a private group, you will have your own private referee for the duration of your alotted time slot. After that time slot is over, you do have the option to join our walk-on group and can play with other players at our facility. If you book a group of players under any of our Walk-On Reservation Options, you will be mixed in with all the other players in our Walk-On Groups.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

We offer gift cards for sale online and in-person at our Pro Shop during normal business hours. Gift cards are a great option that are valid for Entry, Rental Packages, Private Group Reservations, and Merchandise in our Pro Shop.

Do I need a waiver if I'm bringing someone else's child?

Any minor under 18 would need a Parent or Legal Guardian to complete a waiver even if you are bringing them to the facility. This can be done in advance by visiting our Online Waiver webpage.

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