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Paintball Scenario Events

Join the Consortium

Join the Guardians

Join us for "The Battle for Veridia" at NR Adventure Park on February 18th, 2024.

In the bustling city of Veridia, two powerful factions, the Consortium and the Guardians, clashed over the control of resources. The Consortium aimed for technological progress, while the Guardians advocated for environmental preservation. As tensions escalated, Veridia became a battleground of ideologies, with citizens caught in the crossfire. The struggle for dominance unfolded, revealing the complexities of progress versus conservation in a rapidly changing world.

A Paintball scenario event unlike any other. Two Factions Clash at Veridia: Consortium for technological progress, Guardians for environmental preservation.


The City of Veridia is your battleground. Shape the narrative and determine the Future. Strategy, firefights, immersion.

Unleash tactics, forge alliances, dominate. Your story unfolds in Veridia.


February 18th, 2024 – your chance for history. Be part of this monumental clash. Secure your spot today!

Advance Registration Options

Advance Registration & 1 Case of Paintballs $65 + tax

Advance Registration & 2 Cases of Paintballs $105 + tax
Basic Rental Equipment  Included if needed (Paintball Marker, Hopper, Tank, Mask)

Upgraded Rental Equipment Reservation $15 + tax (Upgraded Emek Paintball Marker, Hopper, Tank, Mask) Limited Supply

Registration Includes: Entry, All Day Air Fill Ups, & Team Identification Card and Rental Setup if needed.

Day Of Registration

Day Of Registration & 1 Case of Paintballs $75 + tax

Extra Cases of Paintballs available Day of Event for $55/case + tax

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