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Entry-Level Markers: Comparing Tippmann's Stormer Tactical and Cronus Tactical Paintball Markers

Marker 1: Tippmann Stormer Tactical


- Modular .68 caliber marker for all levels of play.

- Available in 3 models for customization: Basic, Tactical, and Elite.

- High-impact composite body.

- Internal gas line.

- Multiple Picatinny Rails for accessory attachment.

- Vertical Grip for improved handling.

- Proven in-line bolt design for reliable performance.

- High-Performance Barrel for accuracy.

- Bottom-mounted ASA (Air Source Adapter).

- Single Trigger operation.

- Offset Feedport for better ergonomics.

- Tactical Front Shroud for a military look.

- Front and Rear Flip Up Sights for improved targeting.

- 6 Position Collapsible Stock for adjustable length of pull.

Marker 2: Tippmann Cronus Tactical


- High-performance milsim marker.

- In-line bolt system for reliability.

- High-impact composite body with soft over molded rubber grips.

- Fixed front and rear sights for aiming.

- Mock Silencer with front sight for a tactical appearance.

- 6 Position Collapsible Stock for adjustable length.

- Vertical Grip for better control.

- Carry Handle with Integrated Sight for a military look.

- Four Picatinny rails for accessory customization.

- High-performance ported barrel for accuracy.


1. Customization:

- The Stormer Tactical (Marker 1) offers modularity with different models and configurations, including the Elite variant which supports loader and mag-fed setups. The Cronus Tactical (Marker 2) provides various customization options with its included mock silencer, carry handle, adjustable stock, and Picatinny rails.

2. Body and Design:

- Both markers feature high-impact composite bodies for durability.

- The Stormer Tactical has a Tactical Front Shroud and Front/Rear Flip Up Sights, contributing to its military aesthetic.

- The Cronus Tactical includes a Mock Silencer, Carry Handle, and Integrated Sight to enhance its milsim appearance.

3. Accessories and Attachments:

- Both markers have multiple Picatinny rails for attaching various accessories.

- The Stormer Tactical comes with a vertical grip, while the Cronus Tactical includes a vertical grip and fixed front/rear sights.

4. Stock and Ergonomics:

- The Stormer Tactical offers a 6 Position Collapsible Stock for adjustable length of pull.

- The Cronus Tactical features a 6 Position Collapsible Stock for customization.

5. Performance:

- Both markers use a proven in-line bolt design and internal gas line for reliable performance.

- The Stormer Tactical includes a high-performance barrel, while the Cronus Tactical features a high-performance ported barrel.

In summary, both markers offer a variety of features for milsim enthusiasts and paintball players of different skill levels. The Stormer Tactical provides more customization options with its modular design, while the Cronus Tactical offers a unique milsim appearance with its included accessories. Your choice would depend on your preferences for customization, aesthetics, and performance. We have both models available for purchase inside the pro-shop at NR Adventure Park and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about either paintball marker.

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