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Unleash the Excitement with These Affordable Paintball Field Packages

Are you gearing up to dive into the heart-pounding world of paintball battles, yet uncertain about the best package to suit your thrill-seeking desires? NR Adventure Park has curated a range of paintball field packages tailored to meet the needs of every player, whether you're a rookie ready to embark on your first skirmish or a seasoned enthusiast seeking an adrenaline-fueled extravaganza. Let's delve into the offerings designed to elevate your paintball experience.

Basic Paintball Rental Package

The Basic Rental Package serves as your gateway to the paintball realm, encompassing all the fundamental essentials required to initiate your adventure. This package includes:

- All-Day Park Admission granting access to our diverse and immersive fields.

- Unlimited Compressed Air Fills to keep your marker primed throughout the day.

- A Semi-Auto Paintball Marker for accurate shots and seamless gameplay.

- Compressed Air Tank ensuring a consistent supply of ammunition.

- Full Face Safety Goggles for unparalleled eye protection.

- Barrel Sleeve for safety when not in combat.

- An initial stockpile of 200 Paintballs to kickstart the action.

Premium Paintball Rental Setup

For those seeking an upgraded experience, our Premium Rental Package presents an enticing array of additional gear and ammunition, catering to the most discerning paintball enthusiasts. This package includes:

- All the features of the Basic Rental Package.

- A Chest Protector offering enhanced protection and comfort during intense battles.

- A generous stockpile of 500 Paintballs, ensuring you're well-equipped for extended gameplay.

The Supreme Rental Package stands as the pinnacle of our paintball offerings, elevating your adventure to unparalleled heights with a suite of premium gear and ammunition. This package includes:

Supreme Paintball Rental Package

- All the offerings of the Premium Rental Package.

- A Low-Pressure Compressed Air Tank for a seamless and optimized shooting experience.

- An Upgraded Emek Rental Marker enhancing accuracy and performance on the field.

- An Assault Chest Protector equipped with Ammo Pods, ensuring you're ready for extended skirmishes.

- Anti-Fog Full Face Safety Goggles for enhanced vision and safety.

- A generous stockpile of 1000 Paintballs to fuel your relentless pursuit of victory.

Our walk-on option accommodates players equipped with their own gear, offering access to our fields and compressed air fills for a nominal fee. This option is ideal for those with their own paintball equipment, providing an opportunity to engage in thrilling battles without the need for rental gear.

Walk-On Paintball Player with their own Gear

To tailor your experience to perfection, we offer an array of customizable rental gear options, allowing you to fine-tune your setup based on your preferences and needs:

- Camo Jump Suit – A protective layer to shield your attire while blending seamlessly with the surroundings.

- Infamous Spartan Gloves – Full-finger protective gloves ensuring comfort and safety.

- Basic Chest Protector – Essential chest and back protection, included in the Premium Rental Package.

- Assault Vest with Ammo Belt – An upgraded chest protector integrated with an ammo belt for extra paintball storage, included in the Supreme Rental Package.

Planet Eclipse Emek Paintball Marker

- Paintball Marker Upgrade – Enhance your basic rental marker to the Planet Eclipse Emek rental marker, offering increased accuracy, included in the Supreme Rental Package.

- Anti-Fog Full Face Goggle – Special dual-pane lenses to prevent fogging, included in the Supreme Rental Package.

At NR Adventure Park, safety, quality, and an immersive experience remain our top priorities. As such, we uphold stringent regulations pertaining to equipment standards and paintball quality. To ensure a seamless experience, we exclusively allow paintballs purchased from our facility, providing the highest quality, environmentally friendly G.I. Sportz paintballs. These paintballs boast a vibrant fill for easy confirmation of eliminations and break upon impact, delivering an authentic and exciting paintball experience.

Our facility caters to various player preferences, accommodating individual players, small groups, and larger private groups alike. Whether you're a lone wolf eager for a solo paintball adventure or part of a team planning a paintball rendezvous, we've curated our field packages to cater to your needs.

Join us on Saturdays and Sundays to immerse yourself in the unparalleled thrill of paintball battles, experiencing the best paintball action in Maryland!

Contact our team at 410-756-4200 or to secure your paintball adventure today!

Embark on your paintball journey at NR Adventure Park:

3939 Old Taneytown Rd.

Taneytown, MD 21787

Please note: All paintball equipment must adhere to our field safety requirements for inspection. Contact us for further details regarding equipment inspections and field regulations.

*Prices and packages are subject to change. Refer to our website or contact us for the most updated offerings.*

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