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New Hyperball Paintball Field at NR Adventure Park

Introducing our newest paintball field, we decided to start with a player favorite Hyperball field.

When taking over Paintball Adventures Park (PAP), the long empty old Airball field gave us the perfect empty slate to quickly get a paintball field up and running. The big decision was - do we make it an airball field again or utilize the hyperpipe we had laying around?

Panoramic view of the Hyperball Field being set up
Panoramic view of the Hyperball Field being set up

With a short deadline of getting a field up and running, either a hyperball or airball field would be a great fit for the space. Both options are tournament-styled paintball fields, allowing for fast-paced action and the opportunity to use for possible paintball tournaments down the road.

Hyperball ultimately wins out over Airball

Hyperball paintball field layout design

After much deliberation, we decided to go with a Hyperball field for our first new paintball field design. We currently have the Airball field on the turf field. By designing the field to be a Hyperball field, we now have two distinct tournament style fields offering multiple options for our paintball teams to test their skill on as well as a player favorite for the casual walk-ons as well.

Design differences: Hyperball vs. Airball

Hyperball features corrugated black pipes of varying sizes and diameters, offering limitless customization options when laying out a paintball field. Airball is very similar, except instead of corrugated pipes, airball fields utilize inflatable bunkers. While different bunkers designs are used, both give paintball fields flexibility in creating a layout that can be exciting and unique to the particular paintball field.

Hyperball Field Under Construction

The field was marked off and grid lines laid down allowing us to place the hyperpipe bunkers in a strategic manner to create a field that is both unique and fun for the players. With mechanical paintball tournaments making a comeback, we may also be able to run 7-man or 10-man tournaments on this field in the future.

The popularity of Hyperball doesn't look like its going away anytime soon.

"snake side" view of hyperball paintball field

Opening in December

Most of the hyperball bunkers were placed this past weekend as the rain offered us the opportunity to spend time setting up the field. Now just to put the finishing touches on the paintball field and finish securing all the bunkers. Then the actual field should be complete this week.

The next order of business would be to finish enclosing the field with netting to allow players to experience our newest paintball field. We are expecting to have the field completely operational in the first or second week of December 2022. A Christmas gift to ourselves and to all of our loyal teams and players.

Make sure you stay up to date with all the latest information on our Instagram and Facebook.

Stop by the field and check out the progress if you are in the area and you may be able to be one of the first to play on our new hyperball field.

Please let us know what you think of the field in the comments. Drop a like on the article as well if you want to see the NRPL give a 7-man or 10-man mechanical tournament a shot in the coming years.

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