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Rebuilding a Paintball Field at NR Adventure Park

One month into taking over the former Paintball Adventures Park (PAP), a lot of progress has been made to help improve the player experience.

NR Adventure Park was formed from a group of friends who have a passion for paintball and enjoy creating a memorable experience for casual players, families, and seasoned tournament pros alike. We saw a great opportunity to take a once vibrant paintball field at 3939 Old Taneytown Road in Taneytown, Maryland, and bring some life back to the paintball facility. With over 25+ acres available, and many under-utilized, we plan on making the best use of the areas we do have to give you many different options for playing paintball and airsoft.

We first started with repairing the netting and poles surrounding the fields to give a cleaner appearance to the facility and to allow others to spectate while games are being played. We are also in the process of adding a hyperball field to what was was an overgrown former paintball field at the facility. We plan on implementing quick fixes to current fields to get as many paintball fields operational before we start creating our signature "themed" fields.

Rebuilding the "Castle" Field

What was once the signature paintball field at Paintball Adventures Park, has fallen into a state of disrepair and is in need of a major "facelift". This is most likely going to be the first paintball field to get the full makeover treatment over the winter.

Grand Opening planned Spring 2023

While we have a lot of improvements underway over the winter, we plan a Grand Opening for the refreshed paintball facility in the Spring of 2023, pending the level of completion we are able to accomplish this winter. In the meantime, don't hesitate to come out and enjoy the progress we have made so far at the paintball field. What are some themed fields you would enjoy playing paintball on?

Reach out to us at 410-756-4200 if you would like to book a group package or want to learn more about why you should check out NR Adventure Park.

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